The classes focus on comfort, safety, and fun. Swimmers will learn how to bob underwater, float with assistance, blow bubbles, enter and exit the pool safely. Swimmers will continue to learn how to floral on their front and back unassisted, glide, kick, jump off and return to the wall.


Beginner level swimmers are introduced to the main strokes, freestyle, breast, fly, and back. Coaches make learning fun and give specific technique feedback and work on stroke improvements. Basic of dives and turns are introduced. Swimmers will be automatically moved to this group once they graduate Learn To Swim at coaches discretion.


A swimming environment that focuses on perfecting their strokes in a fun and educational way. Swimmers’ practices continue to be focused on fundamental stroke techniques, dives, and turns. We start to introduce more complex techniques and race strategies.


A group environment that specifies on endurance, stroke techniques that ensures all participants make big improvements. Swimmers train and compete at a high level with skill development as their primary focus. USA team is optional for silver swimmers.

Middle School

A group that will swim with Middle School during the season and stay after to practice with the Harper Creek Swim Club. Swimmers train at a high level with skill and stroke improvement as the primary focus.


An advanced team environment that specifies on training, endurance, and speed. This is a great fit for multi-sport, middle, and high school athletes. Gold swimmers train to improve technique and efficiency with competitive strokes. They swimmers build strength through intervals and kick work. USA team is optional for gold swimmers.